Library Policies

Public Policy Manual
Approved by Caroline County Board of Supervisors
December 14, 2021

Purpose and Scope of the Manual

The Caroline County Library Public Policy Manual represents the library’s ongoing commitment to integrity, excellence, accountability and professionalism. This manual sets forth policies adopted by the Caroline County Board of Supervisors for the governance of the system and has been prepared as a guide for county administration and staff in carrying out its responsibilities. It also serves as a source of information for others concerning the fundamental policies of the library.

Effective Date

The policies contained in this manual become effective on the date the policy is adopted by the Board of Supervisors. The adoption date of each policy appears on the bottom of each page. The adoption date of policies added or amended in the future will also appear at the bottom of the new or revised pages.

Finally, recognizing that to remain relevant, the Caroline County Library Public Policy Manual must remain current, it will be regarded as a living document; a perpetual work-in-progress. These documents will be under continuous review and will be updated as new issues and challenges require new policies of revisions to existing ones.



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